Ask MEO collaborates with the disability community bringing resources to help people with challenges find meaningful jobs.

Non-Profit Agencies, Career Centers, Re-employment programs, Schools

Get paid for your placements.  We simplify the process for you!  Like the idea of a new revenue stream but not enough time or personnel to dedicate to a new initiative?  We have several options available.

What We Do:  For people who currently receive SSI and/or SSDI disability, we know the rules, handle the screenings, paperwork and billing so you can concentrate on job placement and receive payments without the stress.    

What You Do:  Help people with disabilities get back to work! No need to change your current services. You do the placements, chart your activity and follow-up for year one and we do the rest!

Are You Serving People With Disabling Conditions? We Want To Help! 

The sooner a person gets needed services to overcome their challenges, the more successful they will be re-entering the workforce.

Food banks, Disability providers, Attorneys, Family service workers, Mental health professionals, Physicians, Insurance Companies, Libraries…

Ask Us About Our Referral Program: Not set up for placement services, but still serve people receiving disability? Are you a good resource?

The best part of working with Ask MEO: feel good about helping people with disabilities get the type of help they need!